Macfo Uganda is a non for profit, non-religious, Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with the general objective of improving the life of rural communities through training, and provision of essential services, the necessary care and support for orphans and vulnerable children especially those affected...Click to read about us

Come and Be Part of the Change

We welcome professionals and students who want to volunteer with us serve the vulnerable rural children. Professionals can help us strengthen Macfo Uganda as an institution, reach out to external funding, streamline systems. You can also volunteer online contribute/ be part of the campaigns or render advise.

Our Goal

To ensure that all children are health, protected, educated to enjoy theirgoods and freedoms that are necessary in dignified living.

Our Vision

-A healthy and promising life for all children

Our Mission

To empower Orphans and vulnerable children (OVCS) and most at risk population (MARPS) for healthy positive living through increased access to HIV/AIDS- related information, care and support at all levels.

Words from the Team

Supporters like you are true heroes for the thousands of children and families who come to Macfo Uganda seeking help each year. Your generosity and compassion bring hope to children whose pain might never end — without your help.

Matovu Timothy
Ceo / Founder

Our Projects

There are many orphans who cannot access the basic rights of food, security, education or health, and these children are often ostracized from their communities. MACFO supports the children in need so that they can access their basic rights.

Raised: $1,260 Goal: $5,230

One Child One Chance

Raised: $516 Goal: $6,125

Pads Project

Raised: $1,541 Goal: $11,000

Sponsorship Project

Raised: $822 Goal: $6,250


Progress Made Sofar

Macfouganda has been registered and lincesed by Government, see below.

Registration and Incooperation

Project Gallery

Permit to Operate