About Macfo
Macfo Uganda is a non for profit, non-religious, Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with the general objective of improving the life of rural communities through training, and provision of essential services, the necessary care and support for orphans and vulnerable children especially those affected and infected with HIV. The vulnerable children are defined by this organisation as orphans, children living in absolute poverty and the disabled children as defined by the government of Uganda (below the age of 18years).

MACFO UGANDA was founded in 2013 .In November2013, MACFO UGANDA registered with the Notional Board of Nongovernmental organizations as a certified Non-Governmental Organization with a Registered Charity No. 10278 issued by the National NGO Board in Uganda, East Africa. It was established 3 years ago by MR. MATOVU TIMOTHY for the purpose of helping disadvantaged children who are in desperate need of help and support
Area of Operation
Currently the organization operates in kampala district and central region helping the vulnerable children achieve their full potential in life.
We specifically look forward to helping them live healthy and attain Education. We intend to achieve this through services including:
• Health
• Poverty alleviation and community empowerment.
• Advocacy, Communication and Networking.
• Research and Documentation
• Education
What We do
We work with grass root communities who are poor and marginalised in society targeting the children and we implement through;
• Community sensitization campaigns on HIV AIDS.
• Support to orphans and vulnerable children.
• Care and support of HIV infected children
• Keeping girl child in school
• Health