Community Outreach

In Uganda, many children have lost their parents and the care of their families, and a lot more are at risk of falling into the same situation. These children have nowhere to find the protection, and care required for their moral, physical, health, educational and emotional development.

Macfo Uganda therefore developed innovative ways of preventing children from falling out of their families and communities, a realization that has given birth to a new project entitled ONE CHILD ONE CHANCE PROJECT.

Under the One Child One Chance Project, activities are designed to support, strengthen and empower families and communities, so that they are able to effectively care for and protect vulnerable children. In this way, children can be brought up within their families and communities, thus keeping with their social and cultural roots. This creates greater stability and continuity in their life. The focus of this project is to foster continuous stay of orphans and vulnerable children with their families and in their communities while under the support of Macfo Uganda.

Aims and Objectives
Supporting the education of orphans and vulnerable children whiles in the care and protection of their families or caregivers and in their communities. The support is in the form of scholarship package, home basic needs like food, mattress and others.

Empower women, young girls, widows and teenage mothers through awareness creation in the areas of child abandonment. Encouraging families’ and communities to get involved in issues concerning orphan and vulnerable children.
Out Reach
Through Community outreach, we visit needy families and provide the needed materials, and support them in diffenet mattress, clothes,shoes and many others.