Keep a Girl Child In School

Girls in Africa miss school every month – just because they’re girls! Incredible. Even more incredible is how simply this huge problem can be solved, and how easy it is for you to help..

No one talks about it. No one deals with it. We must, and with your help we absolutely can. The problem is… a lack of affordable sanitary towels. First periods are a very stressful time in any girl’s life, but add to this acute poverty and you have a seriously miserable situation. Many young girls are not provided with sanitary towels at home because their families cannot afford them and food takes priority. They may not even have underwear. Schools are often over-crowded with many children in very close proximity to one another, and in her culture this can make the situation of a young girl having her period - with no sanitary towel or even underwear - impossible..

Without access to hygiene products girls can miss up to 50 days of school per year, causing them to fall behind in class and be ill-prepared for national exams that would have given them a chance to receive an education. Other barriers to education include the disempowerment that comes from menstruation. Inconvenience and taboos, social marginalization and low self esteem result because of lack of awareness around menstrual health. After missing large amounts of school, girls are rarely eligible for scholarships and are often unable to attend secondary schools.

Access to education can significantly change the course of a girl’s life. It is estimated that when a girl receives seven or more years of education, she marries four years later and has fewer children, giving her the opportunity to reach her full potential. Additional schooling also provides life-saving public health education, such as HIV/AIDS prevention.

Did you know…?
An educated girl is less likely to marry & have children while she herself is still a child.
An educated girl is more likely to be literate, healthy and survive into adulthood… as are her children.
An educated girl is less likely to be vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and disease.
Out Reach
We provide reusable pads to over 30 Schools a year with Hygienic awareness.
We also provide pads to the communities and train them how to make hand made pads.