Together We Can Make A Difference
Greetings from Macfo Uganda, We welcome profesional and students who want to volunteer with us serve the vulnerable rural children. Professionals can help us strengthen Macfo Uganda as an institution, reach out to external funding, streamline systems. You can also volunteer online contribute/ be part of the campaigns or render advise.

In our communities, many schools, hospitals and organizations are constantly understaffed. These organizations are in desperate need of international volunteers.
Our volunteer programs are designed to help the local communities at the same time of providing a rewarding learning and living experience to our international volunteers.

We have flexible start dates/durations, and customized volunteer programs tailored just for you. Please see below for possible volunteer locations and work placements.

The programs currently available include volunteer work at:
• Hospitals
• Teaching basic subjects
• Language practice
• Skills training
• Art projects
• Speech therapy
• Clinical psychology
• Proposal/grant writing
• Fundraising
• House work/general maintenance
• Child care
• The Special Inclusive School (a school for the disabled)
• Local primary schools
• AIDS education/awareness/testing/counseling (depending on qualifications)
• Various community development projects (ask for details!)
• Or if you have something you are passionate about let us know and we will see what we can arrange!
If you would want to volunteer, Please contact us at: